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“Discover the Magic in Music”

Our Variety Is Our Strength

For guitar players, we have high-quality Orange amplifiers, cables and an effects processor for use with every student! Learning how to switch between effects and using them in your playing is important for the modern guitar player. In 20 plus years of teaching, there are no other places that I know of that is offering this to their students! This not only is an a important tool for guitar players, but also incredibly fun!


For Pianist, we have a high-quality Kawai Piano with weighted keys. It is one of the best electronic Pianos available. Acoustic Pianos are great, but not always in tune. Especially in a big music store that has many studios. Due to to the fact that we are a local business and privately owned, we can provide the best for our students!


For Percussionist, we have a wide variety of Percussion instruments to choose from during the lesson. Students are encouraged to try all the ones we have available.



Ukulele, Banjo




Weighted Key






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